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Free Python web hosting wanted

I'm still considering which of these would be the most preferred for a beginner showing off talent:

HelioHost unlimited CPU, RAM, MySQL, bandwidth, 500MB disk, 2 cron jobs/dayPythonAnywhere 100sec/day prioritized CPU, 512MB RAM, 1 daily task, low bandwidth, Internet whitelistOpenShift 3 gears of 1GB disk and 512MB RAM eachAlwaysData 64MB RAM, 1GB/month traffic, 10MB disk, non-commercial use only

trAInsported - the programming game

If you ever felt that Transport Tycoon or Railroad Tycoon made you do too much micromanagement, this is just the kind game for you. In trAInsported, your mission is to write an AI that optimizes traffic better than your opponents.

Although, it makes me sad to see such an influential project being hosted via vaporware methods. Setting up any kind of free shared hosting and embedding the small dynamic scoreboard and match parts via an iframe would be trivial. Caching daily stats would also be a good idea. A simple solution would be to use to host the site directly from the repository, which would be both durable and scalable.

For the record, if anything happens to the project, here are some relevant pointers:

Official (dynamic DNS) site and scoreboard supposedly running on a Raspberry PiSource code, documentation, wiki at githubForum at indiedbIntroduction at moddbHistory at yelllohSummary at love2dFeatured on indiegamesFeatured on gamingonlinuxAnother wiki on wikia