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Electric shocks wherever you go? Try these

Solving unintended static discharges is a tricky question. You can build up a respectable amount of charge on your body if one of the following applies to you:

Either the flooring, your chair, clothes or shoes are made of non-conducting, synthetic fabricsYou rub the said fabrics a lot by walk or movingYou touch grounded surfaces rarelyYour skin is poorly conductive (dry)The air is low in humidity (the last two can be exaggerated by HVAC operation)
Here are some things to try:

Replace clothes or shoesGround yourself through your shoes (wires and aluminium foil come to mind)Make the flooring or furniture more conductiveMoisturize your skinIncrease air humidityWear uncoated conductive accessories (like a cold necklace or bracelets)Wear uncoated conductive accessories having (lots of) pointy ends - tips may or may not be needed, but they can be made safer by wrapping in small tubes, it's the sharp air contact that matters. Some say a single safety pin is enough (may or may not work)


Funny BASH snippets

echo howdy
/bin/echo howdy
/bin/../bin/echo howdy

/bin/echo* howdy
cd /bin
echo* howdy
*echo howdy
ec*ho howdy
ech? howdy
??h? howdy
ech[o] howdy
cd /tmp

ec${howdy}ho howdy
echo$howdy howdy

ec''ho howdy
ec""ho howdy
'ec'ho howdy
"ec"ho howdy
'echo' howdy
"echo" howdy
ech\o howdy

ec``ho howdy
ec$()ho howdy
ec`true`ho howdy
ec$(true)ho howdy

$yay echo howdy
`` echo howdy
`true` echo howdy
`echo echo` howdy

:&echo howdy
if echo howdy;then :;else echo howdy;fi
! echo howdy
{ echo howdy ;}
(echo howdy)
eval echo howdy
xargs echo howdy < /dev/null
sh -c 'echo howdy'
bash -c 'echo howdy'
ssh localhost 'echo howdy'

cd /tmp
printf "all:\n\techo howdy" > Makefile

cd /tmp
echo echo howdy > bash
chmod +x bash

cd /tmp
cp /bin/bash bash
echo echo howdy > bash
. ./bash
bash bash
PATH=. bash

alias howdy='echo howdy; unalias howdy'


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