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Embedded water content of goods

Have you been living a water-conserving life up until now? Think twice before you answer: BBC News: World's major rivers 'drying up' BBC News: The ripple effect of cutting water

Double clicking is evil

To both a novice and an advanced user, there is no conceptual difference between pressing another button on the mouse and double clicking. Well, actually there is one: you can proceed with superior comfort and greater speed after a bit practicing of the former, while the latter will remain awkward forever. Therefore, it could greatly improve usability if the pointing device had additional buttons to replace this vulgar action. Chording (simultaneously pressing multiple buttons) is also an option. See Wikipedia: Chorded keyboard for more information. As you probably already know, I'm all against any form of double, triple or even quadruple pushing the same button on either the keyboard or the mouse. As a historical note, I'm positive that no human with expert knowledge in the field - or even having any trace of commonsense - would recommend such crippling of ergonomics and usability as banging the same button in succession. I think they have implemented this because the interfa