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PCI DVB tuner fix for timeout waiting for DSP ready

I had a similar problem as described below on Ubuntu 12.04 and found that inserting saa7134-dvb into /etc/modules.conf did the trick for me too. It's interesting though that it has been working fine before. I did recall seeing this issue once or twice, but this time it did not seem to have been resolved by multiple cold booting by itself. [ 43.162971] tda1004x: timeout waiting for DSP ready [ 43.202914] tda1004x: found firmware revision 0 -- invalid [ 43.202918] tda1004x: waiting for firmware upload... [ 48.675012] tda1004x: Error during firmware upload

Making your 3G cellular mobile Internet 10x faster for free

I've made a small script for greatly improving response time of 3G cellular data connections while only consuming a minimal amount of transfer quota. It is most noticable when browsing, having interactive ssh sessions and maybe for some remote desktop use cases. The result is basically reducing the 500ms-1500ms initial latency and random ping times to normal rates of below 80ms. Of course this assumes that you have no other problems like reflections, interference, signal strength or congestion. I've experimented with raw UDP, TCP and ICMP packets in different configurations, but sticked with this simple and efficient solution in the end. An even more advanced future implementation could involve STUN and an external server to steadily stream optimally sized and timed UDP packets to the client without ACK requirement. Also, a further enhanced version could closely monitor local transfer conditions and determine if any addition transfer should actually be done. Description fro