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My programming language usage

In recent months, I've been developing Python (Geany, Netbeans), BASH (gedit, Geany) and a bit of HTML/Javascript (Netbeans, Geany) for work, Java (Eclipse) for coursework, Erlang (Emacs, sometimes Geany) and a bit of Emacs LISP (Geany) for labwork, and Haskell (Geany) for my own needs. I have also refreshed my Logo (Geany) skills recently to refactor two of my homeworks. I will move to C++/Qt/FFmpeg/SQLite (Qt Creator) again in the upcoming days for some time. I have dug into Gnome's Genie (and Vala) and will write a short overview of the language soon. That's 8-10 languages at my fingertips, but a few more aren't deep down below either, like C (you never forget the horror), Ada (hard to forget the beauty), Pascal (need to find a way to convert to Ada), Eiffel (have seen it, but no professional coding done in it yet). Sadly, I'm not allowed to share my Python code, and some of my more interesting BASH scripts. You also can't enjoy some unpublished parts of Refa