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Starting the IPv6 revolution

I'm in the progress of setting up working IPv6 on all computers I have access to. I'm fed up with all the hacks needed for properly accessing devices remotely.

Google Apps Script for SMS notifications and more

I've recently learned that the Google platform enables you to connect various services via server side ECMAScript . I've encountered a nice example which sends out a notification for each e-mail that your filters tag as urgent. I've altered a lot of its functionalities, and now it supports the following: Concatenates the subject and the body Jams the first 60 characters in the title, the next 63 characters in the location Preprocess automated mails to only keep the most important fields (RegExp does wonders) Extract and aggregate various daily indices of interest (UrlFetchApp is also nice) As an exception to my usual philosophy, I will have to give second thought if I should be sharing these enhancements or not this time.

Psion 5 sighted in Taxi 2!

Psion 5 sighted in movie Taxi Taxi ! It's just after the delegation scene pictured first. I provide the following reduced quality screenshots as proof under fair use assumptions. I retain no copyright to the images, see the movie's page for copyright information .