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Daily disk array spinup at 7:34

While it may sound like utter nonsense at first, on second thought maybe it really is: cron.standard: please provide configuration facility to avoid given filesystems Someone should really be thinking more about a serious reminder system. I've put together an iotop oneliner that logs disk actions with timestamps which pointed me to anacron. Daily mlocate updating was easy to reproduce and fine tune: simply add your HDD mount points to tho PRUNEPATHS variable of /etc/updatedb.conf . On the other hand, it took a few more attempts and many days in total to track down what causes the HDDs to still start up. When trying to further examine the issue by hand, /etc/cron.daily/standard didn't start them up on first look, perhaps because of caching. However, today after randomly testing things again, it finally did, which took me to adding CHECK_LOSTFOUND=no to /etc/default/cron . It's a pity though, that I'll have to use an alarm clock from now on.

Classical music played at Astra launch?

Anybody knows what music they played on Astra in the 90s in the background on the information channel where they showed new satellite launches? Not sure, but I think it was the Ariane series vehicle. I recall the composition mostly used a single bowed string instrument, maybe a cello.