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OCaml vs. Haskell

Do you prefer laziness or ease of compiler implementation and proof of correctness? Haskell feels very comfortable to me, and I can write some beautiful code in it. Laziness could introduce some complexity to reason about temporary memory usage. It's the same reason I like Erlang: quick, dirty, but also elegantly minimalistic and predictable. I haven't tackled OCaml ( yet ;->). Do you think it worths it? OCaml vs. Haskell discussion at Y-Combinator Haskell performance is on par with OCaml ( do note, that the Haskell compiler and solutions have evolved since then has moved

The host of has decided to switch servers and inform me only afterwards with an e-mail that got into the spam folder for most people. You get what you pay for. That means my secondary private mail addresses gave bounce messages for about 60 hours, sorry about that. I only check them when I have time. By the way, I found out all about this issue when running ping. It's a great habit of mine to do that daily. Actually, I have a trivial script running in the background to endlessly send a ping packet to once in a few minutes to keep my wireless links active for dumb access points. Too bad I rarely check its output in detail. That just gave me an idea! ;-)

An online open source computer symbolic algebra system

It looks like I forgot to publish this post from my drafts. A colleague of mine has recommended this. Mathematical Assistant on Web (installed) Mathematical Assistant on Web (sources )