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Ergonomy - placement of buttons of destruction

Putting the two buttons "quicksave" and "instantly and permanently delete without confirmation" right next to each other is a no-no, especially for a service that offers gigabytes of free space and a trashcan folder for most other operations. Thankfully, they've introduced a quick undo feature, and later on extended the time-out of this button. It's still a bit scary if you think about this adjacency being implemented on many interfaces.

Javascript Logo interpreter

Online JavaScript Logo interpreter some very beautiful and terse Logo examples The following is one of my favorites from there. Hypercube, by Frank Caggiano, U.S.: repeat 8 [repeat 4 [rt 90 fd 100] bk 100 lt 45] edit: You can also find two simple examples of mine at my repository .

Shift key often gets stuck on Ubuntu 10.04

The problem is triggered by me rapidly changing capitalization via shift while typing. I use the two shift keys symmetrically, but it always seems to involve the left shift. It lasts from about 10 to 30 seconds on average, but today it ceased to resolve by itself. So I started to research the issue (IN CAPS), and thankfully found something that seemed to work: CTRL+FN-F1 to switch to a console, then back to Xorg with CTRL+FN-F7, and pressing the left shift right away. Maybe it is indeed related to TVTime usage, I need to concentrate more on the issue. It is said to be caused by automatic periodical screen saver inhibition via stuffing control and shift keypresses using XTest. Ubuntu Bug #588473: shift key get stuck randomly