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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks

Generating music, a novel or program source code character by character, simulating a photo sphere by interpolating between still photos, single frame superresolution: Illustrating what happens inside the mind of deep networks by depicting what it is dreaming about. Nice art.

Random promotion may be as good as conventional strategies

Another common mistake made by the wrong HR/corporate mindset. Promotion Systems and Organizational Performance: A Contingency Model, STEVEN E. PHELAN AND ZHIANG LIN, 2001 They've benchmarked the following strategies: up or out absolute & relative performance seniority random And found that random promotion could be just as good for the corporation, or sometimes even better compared to other conventions.

Build a chatbot using deep learning

I always look forward to making natural language processing more intelligent without hardwired rules. I also like the condensed style of the video. Build a Chatbot - ML for Hackers #6 video by Sirajology

Raw meteorological model output

When planning my day, I usually do a sanity check using some of the recent forecasts. It usually is worth it to shuffle around your programs to favor good weather. When in doubt, I usually refer to the results of multiple simulation.  (daily?), /1h, +>24h  (hourly), 1km, +6h, /1h   (00Z, 06Z,12Z,18Z), 2.5km  (00Z, 12Z), 16km, /3h  (00Z, 06Z,12Z,18Z), 2.6km (00Z, 12Z), 16km (NDBCRAS), /3h /3h  (06Z) Do note that some of these pages are not public while others are only temporary. Hence th

Poking TL-WR1043ND v1 back to life

TL-WR1043ND v1.10 unbricking with serial needles Achievement unlocked. I've purchased a used TP-Link TL-WR1043ND v1.10 for about 6 EUR recently. Although, the price was suspiciously low, I was hoping that the seller might not had enough experience with hardware. He had neither included a model number, nor any usable photos in his ad. You could not see any antenna or connector either, and the thumbnails looked indifferent from the ubiquitous 54Mb/s devices also on sale. Fortunately, I could zoom in just enough on one of them to decode the very long phrase "Ultimate Wireless N Gigabit Router" from the handful of pixels visible and so I closed the deal quickly. You generally do not want to ask questions in such cases. Unfortunately, the device did not show any signs of life other than the power LED and the hardware switched LAN. Neither buttons did anything and I could not see any activity over the ethernet ports either, so it was clear that I had to commence debri