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purifying your thoughts

"Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well." - Mahatma Gandhi on unit testing .

ntuser.dat - P:\oxvy

I was just reading through the binary dump of a computer's registry that I've been using, and I found some very nice strings, like oxvy. I know at least one person who knows what that means. ;) edit: A hint is that you should consider what trivial encryption/obfuscation schemes are wide spread.

FreeGuide EPG with daemonized XMLTV

I'm evaluating FreeGuide , an electronic program guide supporting XMLTV . I wrote a tool to grab the TV guide for a few days in advance. I schedule it to run on startup and twice an hour. I have to run it so often as my PC at home is only switched on for a few hours each day (either manually or via automated recording scheduler ). Note that polling would be unneeded after correctly implementing a universal power scheduler . Despite such frequent invocation, it only executes the core process if no update has happened in the last two days. It also splits the downloaded guide by days to lower processing in the update helper below and to make a possible future selective update easier. I made an update helper for FreeGuide which keeps track of the data which was imported to the viewer previously and initiated importing of only the new parts. One of my next projects will be to install and tweak teletext based XMLTV provider for Hungarian norms .

naked domain seems to be working somehow

I'm not sure how they managed to finally set up naked domain redirection, or if it's a present from Google, but I sure am delighted! :) My cards contained only the naked domain you know...