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841N serial unbricking with... needles?!

There, I fixed it for you: WARNING: this is a pro-only approach, as potentially bad contacts could introduce typing errors which could spoil your write address and brick the boot loader beyond recovery without you even noticing! So after I got the ill router, I bought a new 3.3V CA-42 cable for about $3 at a local store. I didn't have my soldering kit nearby and anyway didn't want to mess up this beauty, so I first started experimenting. What could I lose besides a non-functional router? I have dozens of fully functional ones to spare. Actually, after all this messing around with firmwares, this is the only one of my routers which is bricked, and it wasn't even my fault. Anyway, I first tested the vendor specific wiring of the cable. Blue is ground, white is RX and yellow is TX on mine. I've then proceeded with readout-only tests. Actually, touching the bare wires themselves almost worked. I could get an almost complete log this way. Although, to get the whole t