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Google Apps Script external version control almost here

Many have desired to collaborate in the development of Google Apps Scripts. Two outstanding issues had been open for some time in this area: Issue 1959: Collaborative editing of scripts Issue 217: Make Google Code the back-end version control for collaborative scripting A feature offered from June enables API access of script source code. This potentially enables connection to an external repository, like Google Code or GitHub. See the linked screencast and talk or the API below. YouTube: Apps Script Crash Course: Import/Export Apps Script Code Google Developers: Importing and Exporting Projects After breaking this barrier, I can now start gathering some of my more useful scripts to share via bkil-open, though I'll probably simply copy&paste for now.

Gmail guessing your keyboard and text

I haven't noticed the keyboard layout switcher yet. How come it automatically contains exactly the three layouts which are relevant for me? I've found out earlier that both Search and Translate can correct your input if it makes more sense in some other popular layout, like Russian. What else is there under their sleeves?

Nano chess engine at 19 lines

I've minified  bkil-open: edu/ai/nanochess.hs  to 19 effective lines of code in Haskell, and I'm running out of ideas. The goal was to construct a tiny snippet of code that illustrates a real chess engine instead of the ever boring 8-queens. It still wouldn't fit on a black board properly without further pruning. At the same time, trivial concurrency has been introduced to bkil-open: edu/ai/minichess.lhs , which seems to give it a linear boost. My next step in the area is to add interaction and eventually introduce a more advanced algorithm like alpha-beta to gain playable speed on a full board with complete rules.