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Can't open Google Docs Template Gallery

I've been hit by a nasty bug just as I'm planning to use Docs Templates. You will be greeted with the following error if you visit the Google Docs Template Gallery : "Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try your request again." It seems that they have been working on the issue for almost a month now: Google Product Forums › Google Docs › Templates A workaround for now is to visit a filtered view and then navigate using the types and categories on the left: Google Spreadsheets templates Neither the Docs, nor the Presentations type works for me, however any kind of document can be returned if you narrow by category instead and prune the type=... part from the resulting URL. You can also do the same trick with the search box.

Naked domain works once again

After all these long years, apex domain finally works at my new host. I can resume distribution of my previous business card now that the URL isn't broken anymore. Best present from Barnabas and David, thanks guys!