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DVB-T XMLTV EPG grabber complete

It runs on over the air broadcast, so you won't see any more grabber failures because of a website that decided to change their design (deliberately). bkil-open: tv/

New achievement: Ubuntu enablement successful

Actually it is not an option for Ivy Bridge, it is a must! In my opinion, a patch would have been in order to the LTS kernel. Some background: [SOLVED] kernel 3.2.x causes system freeze on Intel Ivy Bridge platform(e.g. ThinkPad T430)? Launchpad: [IVB]12.04 64 bit System freezes (mouse, keyboard) ...

Disable text drag and drop in browser

I have never in my life got any use out of moving text by drag and dropping of selection inside a textbox. However, it has messed up my texts on numerous occasions, of which I might not have noticed it on every instance. Do you know which wise guy's idea it was to standardize on this? Stack Overflow: disable text drag and drop