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ZTE MF195 3G hack on Ubuntu 11.10

If you connect this modem to a machine running Ubuntu, it mounts and opens the virtual driver disk. If you unmount the partition, usb_modeswitch automatically kicks in and switches the device from CD-ROM emulation to modem mode. Unfortunately, Network Manager would not connect regardless of configuration. However, after some trial and error, wvdial was able to establish connection and start transferring data. After reducing the unknowns, I've devised a small script which waits until the drive gets automatically mounted, unmounts the device, waits for settling and then establishes a connection with wvdial. This script was hooked up to a specific device addition udev rule to make it run automagically. As the devised udev rule did not narrow down the event good enough, actually two such invocations are done for each insertion, so a bit of an ugly hacking was involved to implement mutual exclusion.

Participatory cloud computing - help cure cancer?

How come so few donate their free resources to volunteer computing projects ? Depending on the exact computer configuration, the difference in system power consumption between using and near-idling the CPU (~35W-80W) or GPU (~30W-100W) can be reasonably small . The difference is usually smaller than the difference between a power efficient (25-60W) and a basic system (100-200W). Hence in my view, it usually worths it to put your free resources to use in some way if your daily work does not strain your machine continuously at 100%. There's an a project of special interest that has similar aim to what I have invented earlier: It is special in that any participant can freely use the communal grid for their own purposes . Prioritization is fair - it is based on previous record of contribution. This type of project is also useful for the selfish kind, as if you think it over, you can eventually get back the contributed CPU time and energy, but at a much faster pace. It would stil

Fractals of mine

Although, I have uploaded these previously , here's a version which you can copy & paste into the online interpreter : to flake :s :n ifelse :n=0 [fd :s] [flake :s/3 :n-1 rt 60 flake :s/3 :n-1 lt 120 flake :s/3 :n-1 rt 60 flake :s/3 :n-1] end to koch :s :n pu fd :s*57/100 pd rt 210 repeat 3 [flake :s :n lt 120] lt 210 pu bk :s*57/100 end to put1 :s :n :k setpencolor :n+2 koch :s :n pu fd :s*12/10 pd rt 360/:k if :n>0 [put1 :s :n-1:k] end to put :s :n pu lt 135 fd :s rt 135 put1 :s :n-1 :n end cs put 100 5

Software Quality at Top Speed

Fine literature has been available for decades now, but some still don't seem to get it right. Software Quality at Top Speed by chief software engineer Steve McConnell (Software Development, August 1996) highlights reasons for project overruns and the importance of taking time to design and do reviews Quality Cost Analysis: Benefits and Risks by Cem Kaner (Software QA, Volume 3, #1, 1996, p. 23.) details the economic side

Read a file by inode - the hard way

I found a nice hack to undelete an open file: Undeleting an open file by inode Though, I generally use cat , as that's much easier. It's also useful to view cached content of plugins which delete their files upon download.

Cross compiling Qt to 64-bit

The following didn't work by itself: How can I build 64 bit Qt on a 32 bit system ? The solution was to simple set the write-protect flag on the exe files under qt/bin (on moc, jom, etc.).

New e-mail anti-spoofing protocol built on SPF

I've always wondered what best practices should be applied when handling DKIM mail, and started considering manual verification and domain based whitelisting. I welcome the draft that is emerging to offer a standard framework for just these questions. News entry: new anti-spoofing protocol built on SPF - DMARC