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Sharing my source the Proper way

I plan to share my sources via a software project management suite. From now on, you could even contribute if you wish! You could also follow project updates (commits, documentation pages, releases, etc.) in your feed reader. I don't have a problem with using Google's products for open source development, but do tell me if you think otherwise. Kosi had recommended GitHub, but it doesn't offer all features I need, and I'm hesitant to spread over many service providers. For more information, visit the bkil's personally developed and used tools project summary page.

BUG: has even more options than ls

This seems to be some kind of an easter egg in man pages. Exuberant Ctags bug at SourceForge: ctags doesn't have more options than ls - ID: 2707519 (- after all) wodim man page (formerly cdrecord) - see the top of the BUGS section