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Random promotion may be as good as conventional strategies

Another common mistake made by the wrong HR/corporate mindset. Promotion Systems and Organizational Performance: A Contingency Model, STEVEN E. PHELAN AND ZHIANG LIN, 2001 They've benchmarked the following strategies: up or out absolute & relative performance seniority random And found that random promotion could be just as good for the corporation, or sometimes even better compared to other conventions.

Build a chatbot using deep learning

I always look forward to making natural language processing more intelligent without hardwired rules. I also like the condensed style of the video. Build a Chatbot - ML for Hackers #6 video by Sirajology

Raw meteorological model output

When planning my day, I usually do a sanity check using some of the recent forecasts. It usually is worth it to shuffle around your programs to favor good weather. When in doubt, I usually refer to the results of multiple simulation.  (daily?), /1h, +>24h  (hourly), 1km, +6h, /1h   (00Z, 06Z,12Z,18Z), 2.5km  (00Z, 12Z), 16km, /3h  (00Z, 06Z,12Z,18Z), 2.6km (00Z, 12Z), 16km (NDBCRAS), /3h /3h  (06Z) Do note that some of these pages are not public while others are only temporary. Hence th