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Unmelodic music - Ukashan experiments

Back in the 2000s,  The Future Sound of London  published the experimental album  The San Montana Tapes  under the pseudonym  Heads of Agreement . Their experiment tries to questions the basic definition of western music. [It is] described by them as  "Experiments in polyrhythmic" . It is described as very unmelodic with sparse percussion loops [...] They had been offering free 192kbps MP3 downloads for years. Unfortunately, the original link went broken recently. You can still sample one of the tracks  from the archive if you are curious. It still seems to be available for sale in studio quality  in case it fits your taste.

Stateless password keychains

There are several solutions to saving you from the hassle of having to remember a multitude of passwords. One common way is to install a password manager . These store your randomly generated or manually created passwords in an encrypted manner. You need to devise a method to synchronize these passwords between your devices. A different approach to this problem is to generate all your passwords in a deterministic manner on the fly without saving any state. This spares you from the pains of synchronization and potentially losing all your passwords in case your vault gets damaged. Here are a few of these: (old site: ) Of course, both methods require using a really strong master password that you can learn by heart.  My personal recommendation is to use at least two separate vaults with different